Happy New Fashion Year


Hello everyone

2015 is coming to the end and we have all achieved a lot and maybe not so much of what we wanted look these up. So I’m keen to know what ¬†your fashion goals for the coming year are. My goals are to revamp my wardrobe and making sure at least 50% of the apparel and accessories are firstly; Made in Zimbabwe by Zimbabweans, secondly made in Africa and lastly by artisans in other Third World countries. My desire is to continue promoting talent from Zimbabwe and Africa and work hard to develop and grow the vision of Zimbabwe Fashion Network and a Zimbabwe Fashion Renaissance.

By God’s Grace it is my aspiration to bring out my creativity to the fore and produce some capsule collections I have beeen working on.

So what are yours? Please leave a comment below.

Wishing you a Happy , Creative and Prosperous 2016.

Sylvia De’Mode

Founder – Zimbabwe Fashion Network

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