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Virtual Media Technologies
Web and Mobile App development

Virtual Media Technologies is a company that specialises in the provision of web and mobile technology. Our core competence is software development in the web and mobile application spectrum. Our highly professional team is dedicated to providing solutions that address the ever changing demands and challenges that our clients face globally.

Virtual Media Technologies is an ideal partner if you are looking to develop web and mobile solutions. Our mission is to utilize cutting edge technology to offer reliable and efficient business application solutions, and consulting for all our clients from various industry sectors.

We strive to be the best at everything we do. Our primary goal is to provide your company with applications that address real world business issues and opportunities.

Since systems and business requirements are constantly changing due to technological advancement and growth, we are committed to continuous research and development in order to provide significant enhancements as a part of our standard package, to meet our clients growing needs.

Virtual Media Technologies Ltd
07445 451 551
African Threads
African Threads

Address: 227 Mutiti Drive; Ruwa
Garment Suppliers

+263 (0)772 248 531
Ankay Garments
Ankay Garments

Garment supplier

+263 (0)772 700 777
Archer Clothing
Archer Clothing

Address:42 Plumtree Road, Belmont, Bulawayo

Harare Tees by Tinashe Chiweshe
Supply and printing of tee shirts.

Founded on the principal of identity. Harare Tees focusses on promoting local culture through its brands. For Zimbabweans by Zimbabwean

00 263 772813473