About Us

A determined crusade towards a Zimbabwe Fashion Renaissance.

Zimbabwe Fashion Network is a platform for the appreciation, development and promotion of the Zimbabwe Fashion industry.

The vision is to create an amalgamated fashion platform with a national focus, to drive the agenda towards a fashion renaissance for economic growth and social development of the country.

The mission is to bring together all Zimbabwean Fashion and apparel industries, professionals, artisans, designers, creatives, investors and supporters across the world, to collaborate and network in business opportunities, trade, showcasing and partnerships.

The objective is to create a path for ethical and sustainable production of fashion in Zimbabwe by Zimbabweans, and promote and showcase the products and brands on the international stage.

Our aims are:

  • To create robust critical paths that deliver shared value and socio-economic benefits at all levels of production, right from source of the raw material to the wearer.
  • To create sustainable and prosperous livelihoods for local artisans and industries.
  • To create opportunities for jobs creation, employment, entrepreneurship, education and vocational training.
  • To bridge the gap between the informal and formal sectors in the fashion industry by acknowledging and appreciating all players at every level.
  • To encourage the buying and valuing of locally produced clothing and accessories over the imports.

Our ethos lies in advocating for ethical fashion and sustainable production with the firm belief that

“The Key is Collaboration, Collaboration is the key”.

“Mushandirapamwe “


Meet the Founder Sylvia De’ Mode

Sylvia De'ModeSylvia De’ Mode has taken an unconventional route in the fashion industry, specialising in the business of fashion, consulting, ethical and sustainable fashion. She is a graduate in BA Hons International Fashion Business with First Class Honours from Nottingham Trent University.  With the qualification Sylvia has progressed into fashion consulting in branding, trends forecasting, design inspirations and theme development, market and customer researches, marketing, and fashion directing.

She attained a Higher National Diploma in Fashion and Textiles from Walsall College with 11 distinctions to achieve an overall Distinction award. Her Final collection

A Sylvia De’ Mode creation depicting the Eiffel Tower.

A Sylvia De’ Mode creation depicting the Eiffel Tower.

inspired by the city of Paris was showcased at the 2014 Clothes Show live. After the Diploma and armed with a PTTLS training attained in 2012, Sylvia started a unique business within the Prom industry “The Prom Studio”; that adopts a two pronged approach as a social enterprise providing fashion business, education and careers advice, self-esteem and confidence boosting programmes through modelling and deportment courses, fashion design and hair and beauty workshops and art and craft activities in schools and the community. The commercial side of The Prom Studio offers bespoke and ready made prom dresses, specially negotiated rates for suits hire, beauty and styling, photography and video recording.

Sylvia De’ Mode is an enthusiast and advocate of ethical and sustainable fashion participating in forums, programmes, researches and activities that aim to address these issues. She has a passion for community development and derives great satisfaction in collaborative community projects with artisans in developing countries and in the fashion industry.

Her motivation to start Zimbabwe Fashion Network was motivated by a vision for a Zimbabwe Fashion Renaissance, to revive the dying skills and the decline of the textiles and apparel manufacturing industries in Zimbabwe. Sylvia De’ Mode believes in the collaboration of the fragmented fashion and manufacturing sector at every level; from the textile fields and pastures right through the critical paths to the point of sale with robust ethical and sustainability policies. Her passion for this network also gives her the urge to write as a correspondent for The Daily News column in Zimbabwe on fashion matters.

With a strong background in finance, business lending and funding background career, Sylvia is well versed with fundraising, EU and other charitable funding streams, writing winning funding bids, projects management and at transnational levels in Europe.

Sylvia De’ Mode has a strong passion to design and produce capsule collections to showcase and continue to explore her creativity side.

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