A to Z of Fashion – Lining


Lining is an inner layer of fabric, like silk or fur, inserted into clothing, hats, luggage, curtains, handbags and similar items; that provides a polished finish — concealing any seam allowances, interfacing or construction details.  Linings can also add a layer of insulation or reinforce shapes and silhouettes, particularly in tailoring. A lining reduces the wearing strain on clothing, extending the useful life of the lined garment. A smooth lining allows a coat or jacket to slip on over other clothing easily, and linings add warmth to cold-weather wear.

Linings are typically made of solid colours to coordinate with the garment fabric, but patterned and contrasting-coloured linings are also used.

  • An interlining is an additional layer of fabric between the lining and the outer garment shell. Insulating interlinings for winter garments are usually sewn to the individual lining pieces before the lining is assembled.[6]
  • A partial or half lining lines only the upper back and front of the garment, concealing the shoulder pads and interfacings,[7] with or without sleeves.
  • A zip-in, zip-out, snap-out or button-in lining (sometimes liner) is a warm removable lining for a jacket, coat, or raincoat that is held in place with a zipper, snap fasteners, or buttons. Garments with removable linings are usually lined with a lightweight fabric as well, to provide a neat finish when the warm lining is not worn.

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